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Switching out all of my beauty products for healthier, more natural items has been a slow process… and a little bit of a struggle. As far as pricing goes, I’ve been spending a TON more. However, I’ve been using fewer products and am much less likely to pick up a random eyeshadow at the drug store, knowing that it probably doesn’t fit my criteria. i consider the price hike an investment in my body, which is always worth it.DSCF0706 copy


But price has been minimal compared to… well… the lack of results I’ve gotten from some of the products. I have been underwhelmed by “Yes to Blueberries” shampoo. While I have noticed my hair becoming shinier, I’ve also noticed a less volume and more frizz. Because I haven’t hunted down styling products not hopped up on chemicals, I really want my shampoo and conditioner to take care of some of these issues on their own. So, I switched it out for lavender “Kiss My Face” shampoo and – so far – am happy with the results.

My face wash has been the same story. When I wash my face, I’m doing it to CLEAN my face. I want it to look clean AND feel clean. But, while I love MANY of their other products, Burt’s Bees blemish clearing face wash kind of feels like I’m washing my face with plain water. Afterward, my skin is dry.

I was starting to feel like maybe I HAD to use a product filled with chemicals in order to get the results that I wanted.

And then I remembered Rūtz.

DSCF0742 copy

Rūtz is a Pittsburgh-based natural skincare company (launched in 2013) that supports all things good. They put good ingredients into their products, work with good people, and put good vibes out in the world. I was familiar with Rūtz already because a friend/graphic designer had worked with the company. At the time, I put no thought into what went into my beauty products, so while I complimented the products and their packaging, it just wanted something I wanted to try. Yet.DSCF0747 copy

Luckily, Rūtz recently resurfaced for me, and when I received my Just Breathe Face Wash and eye cream, I could barely wait to rip open the package and try it out. My expectations were low because of some of the first-round products I bought in my healthy switch. I unpacked the box, put my hair in a pony tail holder, and ran back to the bathroom to wash my face.

While I didn’t feel the “tingle” that told me it was “working” (aka BURNING) like the face washes I’d used as a teen, my face felt more clean and refreshed than it did when I used Burt’s Bees. The best part? It felt completely hydrated.

But to be safe, I dabbed on some of the Eye Conquered Eye Cream before heading to bed.

My skin can be pretty sensitive to products, so it was nice to wake up and see that I didn’t have any kind of reaction or an insane breakout due to changing my face wash. But my skin looked bright and felt soft, and I didn’t even have to put on any lotion under my makeup! (Ok, I’ll be honest. I might not have worn makeup that day. Not sorry!)

I like having the In Your Face Elixir Mist with me at work. One day a week, I am on campus from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. And while I make it through with coffee, I don’t exactly feel refreshed going in to my 9 p.m. meeting. But with a few sprays of the Elixir Mist, I feel like my morning make-up job goes from meh to mmmmmm. I may just be calling the elixir my “Anti-Meh Serum.”

After more than a week of use, I think it’s safe to say that my hunt for a natural AND effective face wash is over. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the product is made in my city! While some companies feel cold and corporate – even at the startup level – I feel like Rūtz is a company that I could kick back with, glass of wine in hand, and catch up with on a Friday night. I mean, just check out their company bio:

“We want you to feel great inside and out. As Christian Dior once said, “Happiness is the secret to all beauty.” The look and feel of our company was designed to illicit a specific reaction—a positive, uplifting one! Every product name and package is designed with happy colors and positive messaging meant to build you up, baby. At Rūtz, we believe in the power of optimism and laughter. So we’ve injected a little witty and a lotta heart into our brand. We want you to smile every morning when you pick up that jar. We strive to provide products that connect with you on a level beyond skincare. To that girl in the mirror we say, “Be authentic. March to your own beat. Love and respect your beautiful self!”

Making the switch to natural products is overwhelming and involves a LOT of research. Figuring out which products use tricky labeling techniques to creep chemicals in and educating yourself on what these chemicals can do to your body are big tasks. When I find a company that believes in simplicity in creation, I feel like the task is something that I am not taking on alone.

I am loving Rūtz. And I want you to love Rūtz, too. But no matter how much I wish it was, sometimes reading someone else’s review of a product just isn’t good enough. So… I’m giving you some of your own products to try!

For the next week, you can enter to win a full-sized Eye Conquered Antioxidant Eye Cream and sample of the Freeze Frame Anti-Halting Moisturizer!  While you might not be quite ready to dump chemicals from your bathroom cabinet, using just one natural product in place of something that uses harmful chemicals is a small reward you can give to your body.

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And be sure to read up on Rūtz and it’s beautifully optimitic founder, Stephanie Schuler!

So, click away! And hopefully soon, your body will be drinking up the goodness contained in every Rūtz product.

Disclaimer: I was given complimentary samples of Rūtz to try – but all of the compliments are completely mine! (And you will find the elixir mist in my purse if you run into me on the street.)

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