Avocado Intoxicado

I played the trumpet for a hot second in elementary school.

I’m not really sure why I chose the trumpet in the first place. I think it was because I didn’t feel cool enough to be a drummer and had absolutely no interest in lugging a tuba around. Either way, the trumpet quickly lost out to the clarinet, which quickly lost out to spending my time doing things like not playing an instrument.

Chorus was always more my thing. Unfortunately, I am karaok at singing. No, I didn’t spell karaoke wrong. I meant that I am just really ok at karaoke but could never have a career singing unless I was hired by Mike’s 7-month-old nephew, who thinks I am the BEST singer/peek-a-boo-er.

I have never dreamed of being in a band. In fact, at local shows while the other teenage girls had their eyes on the frontman, I was always rolling my eyes at how terrible the band actually was and hoping that the power would go out and I could go home. That being said, I would love the opportunity to name a band so long as I didn’t actually have to be a part of said band. And so: Avocado Intoxicado.

Avocado Intoxicado | In Pursuit of Simple

How did I get to this amazing, mysterious, delicious band name? Ok, I cheated to start. I went to a band name generation site that gave me the option to give it a word to base the band name on. I had some really amazing tofu tacos for lunch with fresh avocado AND fresh guac on them, so I had avocado on the mind. I mean, who DOESN’T?

I went through a few pages of band name suggestions before landing on “Avocado Intoxication,” which was EXACTLY the experience at lunch. Not satisfaction. Not fullness. Intoxication.

I thought I was done choosing my band name, when my fiance looked up from some terrible British comedy to ask, “What is ‘Avocado Intoxicado?'”

The point of this post? My fiance cannot read and should also be in the music industry. Which is exactly how I feel about Britney Spears. (Sorry, Mike.)


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